During one of our weekend mentoring sessions on dreams and reality, something extraordinary happened. Shahid (10) shyly raised a motorboat he had already built in front of the webcam. What we were only talking about, some of our kids were living already!

That was the beginning of our first project based learning sessions. Two teams were made, one each for boys and girls. One of them just delievered a fully functional toy car, built on the foundations of electricity, magnetism, friction and aerodynamics. From core scientific standards, this is nothing exquisite. But if you look deeper, the excellence shines in how they built it, through failures, through unavialability of parts, and a half baked knowledge of science.


Presenting, the Super Seven (Bittu, Md Sahil, Bittu, Sahil, Karan, Minhaz (not shown), and Rohit (not shown)) showing off a remote controlled car they assembled themselves with mentors Nishant and Prateek. Bravo – for the innovative spirit!👍😊


The ‘underside’ of the car.


And here is the body!

Would you like to engage in such sessions? If so, connect with us … let us take you on a ride magical, to a world where action comes first, then the dreams:-)

Project based learning
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