Name: Sahil K

Age: 12

Grade: 5th.

Aspiration: CID Officer.

Most Recent Achievement: Selected for National Level Math Olympiad to be held on Feb 22, 2017.

Family: Father is a laborer. Mother a maid.


Sahil. As in a guide. Like the banks of a stream. He is the eldest of five children to a laborer father and a maid mother. But you won’t be able to tell his humble background apart, if you met him or talked to him now.  The kid that we now call ‘Google’ at Eklavya school, once was oblivious of the world of opportunities that lay so close to him, at Eklavya. And like many other children his age group that do not have access to affordable, meaningful education and guidance, he was well on his way to picking rags for earning quick money and spending it on cheap drugs (like nail paint remover), fighting, falling into child labor markets, or even worse: climb the rackets of crime.

With Eklavya’s intervention, him, with 230+ similar other high potential kids, started getting regular, preparatory instruction to enter formal school system without worrying about the logistics, or finances.

Sahil is one of the selected few children from the formal school he attends to appear at the National Level Mathematics Olympiad examination on Feb 22, 2017 as we write this statement. And he is psyched about it. In our most recent 1:1 mentoring session with him on Feb 19 2017, we learnt that he had scored full marks in the last test conducted at the school in *all* subjects!

We hope this story stirs some relevance to your life, as it did to ours; which is why we regularly skip the comforts of weekends and activities to spend time with him and his friends. To enable another CID officer (that he so badly wants to become), or perhaps like yourself, who will help other similar children rise above the adversities they inherit for no fault of their own.