One of these children had run away from home, seeing a mismatch in the hopes he saw at school, and his real life (unreliable father, over worked mother, bad influence all around). He is so bright, that within months of starting Eklavya supported formal schooling for the *first* time in his life, was promoted straight to 2nd grade. As soon as we learnt that, a couple of us intervened, talked to his mother, spread the news, and talked directly with him as well at the first available opportunity.

Today, he showed up for our Finding Heroes session. One of us also started a 1:1 mentoring session with him. He was smiling, hopefully starting to see a connection between reality, and his dreams.

He is just one of the hundreds of children we are struggling to safeguard – with only a handful of volunteers. Imagine if a child you know personally was in his situation. 

Would you intervene?